Saturday, March 31, 2012

Strive for the best YOU!

We all have those days when we seem to be in a funk.

I work extra hard to make sure that I release and or unload whatever it is

that is weighing me down.

I begin each day on my knees and give thanks for my yesterday,

and for the dawn ahead.

I can't say that I free of of any negative emotion.

I am blessed and pretty lucky to say that more often than not I am in good spirits.

Although I can also say that I am not exempt from feeling down or have experienced

having the "blues."

It has to begin with how you start your day.

I had a great role model in my Viejita, she always maintained a hopeful, positive,

and peaceful state of mind. 

Every now and than when I find myself feeling down, negative, discouraged,

or stressed I stop and think of the things I can be grateful for.

Instead of just accepting my bad mood, or try to plow head first into my pity party…

I remind myself that these feelings are temporary.

I don’t try to over analyze them or flee from them.

I take a breath, say a quick prayer, meditate if I need to and understand

that it’s a natural part our life's journey.

I quickly add a smile to the moment and remind myself that that feeling,

emotion or moment wil soon be gone.

I also don't worry about the things that haven't happened, and I certainly

don't dwell on any negativity.

I know that in the past the only thing that stressing out just created more of it.

It reminds me of another one of my favorite proverbs, “This too shall pass.”

Strive to have a greater sense inner-peace.

Also make sure you are also being compassionate towards those around you.

Make it a great día!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Personal momentum.

It's Viernes!

I don't know about you but it has been a productive week.

Looking back at the week there were a lot of challenges.

I tend to go over my list of things to do and see how much I actually accomplished.

Some days I can rate myself 100% and other days there just wasn't enough time

to complete a few of them.

But it's all about second efforts and continuously driving results.

Giving the very best of yourself to each moment.

Ensuring that your thoughts and actions are congruent and continue to push you,

and your objectives forward.

If we can do that then we build momentum.

Our current thoughts and actions will help get us to tomorrow.

Did you finish everything you started today?

Will today's positive momentum carry over to tomorrow?

Every extra ounce of effort that you willing to put forth will be weighed into tomorrow.

Tip the scale in your favor each day.

Make it a great día!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

How will you ever get there?

I woke up thinking about yesterday's blog.

No one arrives at their destination, their goal or ralizes their dream without effort.

So while we agree that it’s important to craft our dream or dreams out in our mind,

what will we ever accomplish if we don't put our words into action?

We can play the lottery every day for the next decade in hopes of winning it,

or we can do something about whatever it is we want to achieve.

Dreams can and often do come true, but to turn our dreams into realities we

must be willing, ready and prepared to take the first step.

What is your plan?

What’s your goal?

How much am I willing to do to attain it?

Why do I want to achieve this goal?

What is the time frame?

Do I have a plan of action?

I once read that the harder the job, the bigger the reward.

All goals can be accomplished.

What is your plan?

Are you willing to create your radmap, your game plan and stick with it?

Are you worth it?

There is nothing worthwhile in life that will come without effort.

What are you waiting for?

Make it your best dia!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beneath one's feet.

We have to really see that change is something that we either are in drastic

need of, need or essential before we can accept it.

One thing I have learned over the years is that change is never easy.

But maybe it's also because we have somehow come to see whatever

it is we need to improve on as too much to ask.

Maybe we've grown too comfortable.

Maybe it is something that though we've thought about, and have come realize

is important but we somehow just aren't willing to do.

For example, I believe that everyone deserves to be happy.

I also believe that with that come important decisions about what we really want.

Quite often there are two reasons why we don’t get what we want.

One is because we have yet to decide what it is we want.

Secondly some of us don't believe we deserve it.

Today I need you to take the first step.

You've heard the old famous Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu's saying,

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step?"

Years later I read that more correct translation from the original Chinese

Mandarin language was, "The journey of a thousand miles begins

beneath one's feet."

So rather than our focusing on taking the first step, what Lao-tzu was really

saying was that action must be something, that arises naturally from stillness.

So that even the longest journey, or the long road ahead must begin right

there where you currently are standing.

So today, quit worrying about the road ahead.

Your first step to get where you want to go or be in this life is to know

what it is you want.

How can you even begin to know what it is you want in life if you haven't

taken the time to visualize it.

I believe that we all have the power within to manifest our lives.

But before we can achieve our dreams in life, we have to take the time

to discover them.

Stop and begin thinking and planning and seeing what it is you want.

You need to a set and work towards achieving your goals. 

How bad do you want it?

Make it a great día!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jose y Abril 2, 2011

Maria y su hijo Jose…and the entire family came to the house.

They needed me to translate their Dr.'s notes.

The diagnosis for little Jose was that his testing at Children's Hospital

diagnosed him with Sylvan Seizures better known as Rolandic Epilepsy.

This type of epilepsy the letter stated was diagnosed after exhaustive

EEG testing and where they had found repetitive spike activity in the right

parietal area of the brain.

This benign rolandic epilepsy is so named because it is near the motor

or rolandic strip.

Sadly his diagnosis had been relatively difficult because his seizures had

been occurring nocturnally.

The one almost nightly finding was that his pillows had a lot of moisture -

now explained by his excessive salivation that occurs with type of epilepsy,

along with speech arrest.

Jose never lost consciousness, never complained and the pediatric neurologist,

and autism expert believed that he has had it for several years.

The good news if there was to the diagnosis was that Jose's condition was benign,

and that most children frequently outgrow this terrible condition by adolescence.

The second part of the letter was even more distressing to his Mother and Father.

Little Jose now eight years of age, a precocious, brown eyed handsome

little boy has autism.

A disorder that I recently read is more common than previously thought.

Jose is now 1 in about 88 children in the United States that have an

autism spectrum disorder.

He is a highly functional little boy with a type of autistic spectrum disorder

that is commonly associated with an impaired social communication,

and fixated interests.

Maria, has two other beautiful little girls both a little older than Jose.

She said that the Dr. was very frank with her and told her that most medications

don't help, but that although there was no cure, Jose with extensive behavioral

therapy could see some improvements.

Next Monday is World Autism Awareness Day, it's fifth anniversary and a day

when organizations will hold fundraising and awareness events around

the world to give a voice to people with autism.

Jose over heard me speaking with his Mother and Father, he said

"Señor Tomas  when I get big I am going to help other Mama's and Papa's

with boys like me.

I am going to get a good job at a hospital, and make sure that I tell Mamas,

and Papas only things about their kids that doesn't make them get sad."

We all smiled at Jose, who we thought had been busy digging up the acorns

around the yard. He said he was helping the squirrels.

Little Jose may not be good at expressing emotions, but he sure is great

at perceiving them.

His big brown eyes don't ever look in at you but for a fleeting glance.

Still you know that somehow he knows to make eye contact when he does

speak even though it has never come naturally.

Here's some facts I found on autism:

1 in 110 kids have autism.

They estimate that there are a million children with autism.

1 in every 54 boys have autism.

For girls the number is 1 in 252.

Non-Hispanic white children: 1 in 83; up 70% from 2002

Non-Hispanic black children: 1 in 98; up 91% from 2002

Hispanic children: 1 in 127; up 110% from 2002

Most symptoms typically become apparent before the age of three.

 A child or adult with an autistic spectrum disorder might have

the following symptoms:

They may tend to repeat actions over and over.

They tend not to look at objects when another person points to them.

Most avoid direct eye contact and would rather be left alone.

They prefer not to be held or cuddled or might cuddle only when they seek it out.

Most appear to be unaware of other people even if being spoke to but will

respond to other sounds.

The CDC estimates that one in every 110 children is diagnosed with autism,

1.5 million in the US and 67 million around the world.

This make autism more common than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes,

and pediatric AIDS combined.

It's is now the fastest-growing developmental disability in the world.

Today I pray that Jose achieves his dream.

I know he will make a difference.

Make it a hopeful kind of día!

Monday, March 26, 2012

To the office.

Es Lunes y hay mucho que hacer. But that is just about every Monday.

Time to get re-engaged in your chores, your tasks and responsibilities.

I also know that we had many changes, all necessary to better develop

our employees and our center.

Yet today I sensed a buzz in the air, one that told me that a few were having

a bit more of a challenge accepting them.

Reminds me of the times I encountered "change."

When I finally embraced it, was only after I understood it.

The best way to liberate a sense of power and inner strength is to take

the time to understand the whys, to see myself in the final picture.

This week that is what I will need to do more of, which is to explain

the benefits of change.

Make it a great día!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adiós querido Papa Benedicto XVI!


he Pope continues his visit to Mexico and is now visiting Silao Guanajuato, Mexico.

He brought the message of Hope to a ravaged country.

His message these past couple of days has also been one of Peace.

Mexico needs all the prayers and goodwill that can be mustered.

I don't understand the violence.

But I don't propose to have the solution either.

I have written to many politicians and even the President of Mexico,

Felipe Calderon Hinojosa.

In them l have begged and pleaded for more military intervention, for justice,

and for that Peace that has continued to elude the country since Dec. 11, 2006.

The day President Calderon ordered 6,500 Mexicans troops to Michoacán

under operation Michoacán to take the fight to the cartels.

In the end, the final distinction of one's bad or good soul is that which prompt us to do

good found only in living "grace with humanity." 

There have been over 50,000 deaths attributed to this drug war.

With various cartels weighing their devastation on each other and anyone in between.

A profit based drug war worth an estimated illegal gain of between 15 and 50

Billion dollars per year.

Pope Benedict XVI spoke again this afternoon to the faithful of Mexico. 

His message much like the one he has shared these past couple of days

asks for renewed faith, for the strength from a pure heart to help stand up

to one of the most distressing times of human suffering for Mexico.

A nation that cotinues to be stalked by drug violence, crime and uncertainty.

Pope Benedict also repeatedly invoked my Viejita's favorite saint,

the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexico and Latin America.

This message and hs visit I hope brings some comfort and begins a process

of redemptive healing.

With so many families being forced to leave their homes and cities in search

of a more tanquil life, some have even emigrated to the US.

When so many people are suffering due to poverty, or the corruption,

drug trafficking, and increased crime, his presence and message

to the country rings bold.

It is time to make peace, strengthen the family and share ones hope.

We must all have Faith and work to overcome the violence at every level.

More than 50,000 people have been killed in Mexico, (personally three

of my own loved ones) since President Felipe Calderon launched

a military-led offensive against powerful drug cartels nearly 5 1/2 years ago.

Sure many of the dead are traffickers and sicarios and gunmen,

but an increasing number have been innocent men and women,

and among them young children.

It will take more than words and a message of Peace or of Hope.

The Faith that is instilled in each of us must also put actions behind them.

The need for more emphasis on the youth and their education and sustainable

employment opportunities are paramount.

Gracías querido Papa.

Adiós querido Papa Benedicto XVI!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Unidos en El Paso.

Everyone needs a good friend.

Some I have been very fortunate to have known for many years,

a couple go back to my military days.

But here in El Paso I not only have some family; but a friend in Rene,

and his immediate family that long ago (since the 80's) accepted me

as their own.

It didn't hurt that I recruited Rene right out of college to come work where

I worked years ago.

Today he is a grown man with a great family and a promising career.

This evening after spending time with Desi and our little Bryn,

I was invited over to take in Pablo's soccer match.

They lost a close one 3 - 1. 

His children - all three have grown up into beautiful and talented teenagers.

Two boys and a girl, Ale, as in Alexandra who is almost sixteen and called me just

to say hello from Los Angeles, (where she is away at a church conference).

There is no mystical secret to having friends.

You just have to learn to be a good one, back.

Don't ever allow distance or time to separate you from those that you care about,

for they are the very people that will love you right back.

Make it a great día!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Our little healer.

Praying and yet wondering why so much of life can dramtically

change in the blink of an eye.

Moments that one reflects on and takes pause.

So much that one tends to take for granted.

Yet unbeknownst, things can instantly change.

Time that had once flown bye in a postive rythmn,

seems to have suddenly stopped.

Like the metronome we had preset to metrical ticks. 

The quiet interruption of our life's fleeting sound, now is resounding

it's loudest silence.

Yes time seemed to have suddenly stopped, thank God momentarily.

But all things, in the end happen for unquestionable reasons.

Today that reason is life and doing all we can to ensure no matter what

-  that we are all there for our beautiful little Bryn.

So thank God all things tend to work out in the divinely inspired way,

We can all breathe...

Give thanks and rejoice for the miracle of healing.

So let's keep look ahead to do the things we find and plan to do.

After all those are things that we have always prayed for.

We have long been waiting for her very moment to arrive.

For those close to me you'll understand this blog.

All miracles require great Faith.

Our expectations have now been personally been exceeded.

No moment or experience will ever equal the relief and respite.

Bound by affection and the tremendous love I feel for both Bryn and my son.

I pray we continue to be blessed.

For the healing and the truly wondrous feeling for an innocent child that we

all are still coming to know.

All affirmed by the sight of a special gift.

All one needs to do is look at little Bryn, to take in the shining

light that she outwardly gives.

A glow and a promise.

May that light shine on all of those that matter most to you.

May we all be there and live to see you become the wonderful

lady that we all expect to see you grow up to be.

Your birth has created a joy that only a divine presence could emit.

A gift that I know will help nurture healing the healing we all are praying for.

Thank you Bryn, you are already imparting that message.

Dios te Bendiga nuestra querida nietecita, Bryn.

Y mijo, no piedras la Fe.

Make it a gran día!