Saturday, May 5, 2012

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It will be brought up to date soon.

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Friday, May 4, 2012


Years ago I found myself working for a brilliant General (as in Unites States

MIlitary General), and amazing human being.

His name was General H. Norman Schwarzkopf in Hinesville, Georgia.

I worked closely with his staff, as part of Col. Daniel's  Rapid Deployment staff.

We were in Georgia and facing incredible population challenges with the sudden

growth of Ft. Stewart and its surrounding community of Hinesville, Georgia.

Part of the challenge was building an Army Assistance Center for the military families

that would be left behinde when ever their husbands were deployed.

This was before troop redeployment and or "rapid deployments" were in vogue.

Back when we didn't have a lot of the global "urgencies," testing the democracies

of the world.

It was a different time, back when the U.S. didn't had not had to intervene as often

and or come to the aid of people in desperate need of food or medicinal relief

and or military intervention.

Col. Daniel set out to form a an on base Army Assistance Center.

I was very fortunate to be a part of that original team.

It consisted of both military and civilian personnel - whose ne main goal was to come

together to ensure that we had a center that sort of was a "catch all safety net."

I always admired the General's progressive and forward thinking.

He was loved by his troops.

And was known as a soldier's soldier back then.

And was truly a man's man.

An everyone's family's man for that matter.

To this day I try to think what would the ole General do.

No matter the challenge... if it comes to my employees, or my direct reports 

and remember his advise and remember that they people you are "responsible for" 

are looking at you for more than just a few words of encouragement (which are important),

 and more than just answers.

They are looking for straight up, honest leadership.

Direction that they can have confidence in will not just lead them where they need to go

but an actual plan on how you will get them there.

Make it a great dia!   

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Herbie y su familia

I have to tell you about Herbie, he and his wife Sadie they are cardinals.

You know the beautifully red colored bird.

If you've read my blg I've written about this couple before.

Herbie courted his future wife by feeding her seeds.

Soon they were a couple and they began singing to each other.

Herbie did this for many weeks.

Collecting seeds and bringing it to her while she sat regally on the fence

waiting for him to feed her beak-to-beak.

Herbie and Sadie tend to sing in loud, clear whistles from the top of one tree.

The males tend to defend their territory.

I've read this but have never seen him do it.

They sings pretty loud back and forth, and I've read you can distinguish

their sex by their singing.

I often wondered what the heck they were saying to one another.

Still I just sit back and enjoy the music.

Our Herbie and Sadie eat mainly seeds, grains and annoyingly

some of the peaches.

I read that they also eats beetles, cicadas, grasshoppers, snails,

and bark of elm trees.

Last night I saw a youngish looking bird in one of the fig trees.

How it got there I'll never know. There it teetered and I thought for sure

that poor fellow was done for.

"He'll surely fall off the limb and die," I said to myself.

But then suddenly Herbie showed up and began feeding it.

Regurgitating something and feeding the little feller.

In all my years I have never seen a baby cardinal.

But after reading more about them I found out that I have seen their nests.

A few months ago I took a peek in one of her nests; her eggs were white,

with a tint of blue and were marked with brown blotches.

The shell to the three little eggs were smooth and slightly glossy.

They lay about three to four in each clutch.

This little feller looked a bit prehistoric, only slightly plump with downy feathers.

I read that the father or Papa Cardinal will feed their young for several weeks.

Ole Herbie, will help produce two to three, and even four, broods each year.

He'll be a full time Mommy, as the male cares for and feeds each brood

while the female incubates the next clutch of eggs.

Sure hope that they find that little feller a more secure place to live

while he gets bigger.

Make it a great día!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

hUMp day

It's Wednesday and as we call it in some parts of the country, hump day.

Yesterday was Primero de Mayo, so today is hump day.

Is it called that because maybe we're half way to the end of the week?
Could it be the absolute BEST day of the week?

I've asked around and some think that this day brings maximum hope,

that depending on how it goes today will determine how the rest

of their week turns out.

Then again there a few out there that hate Mondays.

Monday's are doomday mornings and they look forward to surviving

it by anticipating hump day.

I really have never given hump days much thought.

Nothing ever happened on a Wednesday that defined how the rest

of the week turned out.
Like every day, it's all about how we approach them and live them.

Any day could in effect be defined as a hump day.

Thursday could be a hump day or one day after hump day.

Friday is well GREAT!! 


A friend of mine that has his own rock band and has declared

all Saturday's as mostly hungover day.

Then back to Sunday which to some folks is PreDoom day.

No matter what you call today, make sure you make the best of it.

Make it a great día!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Primero de Mayo

The first day in May is a special day in many countries.

In Mexico it is the day of the worker. All workers!

Even in Hawaii, today is celebrated as May Day or also known

as Lei Day to celebrate the island’s culture.

In Britain, May Day is still celebrated in many towns with the crowning

of the May Queen.

Today for many countries it is national holiday. Finland, France, Germany,

Italy, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Costa Rica,

Panama, Cuba, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru,

Uruguay, and Venezuela.

May 1st is also a national holiday in the Russian Federation and many Asian

countries such as China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In Mexico, it is referred to as "Primero de Mayo".

Labor day is a reminder that out of honest work comes and honest living.

Which also pays off by character building, a more principled life,
and even an appreciation for hard work.
If you are lucky to be off today then enjoy your day.

Hard work tends to increase one's resiliency to life's challenges.

Never give up, and be grateful that you have work to do.

Make it a great día!

Monday, April 30, 2012

My top 25..

I was over at a neighbor 's, Richard wanted me to help him translate a letter

that he and his wife had received.

The couple are sponsoring a young girl, just ten year old that lives in Guatemala.

They also have two children of their own.

The 8-year old was writing down a list of all the things that she planned

on doing this summer.

She then walked up to me and began reciting it, "Mr. Tomás she said politely,

This is my list of all the things I want to do... I want to go to the zoo,

I want to go to the park and eat a big strawberry flavored

snow cone, and ride the swings, go on a trip to the beach,

and spend more time watching all of the Saturday morning cartoons.

It was a great list, I quickly thought, "I wouldn't mind doing all those things myself."

Maybe we all get a bit distracted and quit noticing or appreciate

some of the simple things that we can do.

But there is so much more to love about life and realistically

most of them don’t cost us a nickle.

So I asked myself, “What do I love about life that doesn't cost me anythign to enjoy?”

Here is my list…

1. The wonder of Love.

2. Mí famila and especially our little Bryn.

3. Just being able to wake up to the sounds of birds before dawn.

4. Appreciating what I already have instead of wishing I had more.

5. My ability to empathize.

6. The funny and loyal things my Parker does. Even though he lives in

the moment, he is always so excited and happy to see me.

7. How by his actions he reminds me to do the same.

8. What we say and do matters.

9. Being grateful for those that have never given up on me.

10. Affecting people as positively as I can, without them realizing it.

11. No matter how bad things get, there is always something

beautiful to keep me headed forward.

12. Hope.

13. Enjoying all the unexpected things.

14. Realizing that every moment in life is a chance for a new beginning.

15. Trying out new things.

16. Second chances.

17. Pain relief - even if it is just paid out in small tokens.

18. Knowing that everyday is another chance to get it right.

19. My colleagues, my leadership and my friends.

20. A good night’s sleep!

21. Quiet time, tranquility and being at peace.

22. Big and little smiles accompanied by huge laughter.

23. Acknowledging  that there truly are many paths to happiness.

24. How nothing is permanent.

25. That I can change what I don’t like.

Most of all I appreciate and am grateful for the small moments of enlightenment

that show me the path towards being a more fulfilled,

and compassionate human being.

I know I missed a lot more things I'd like to share - the list was fun to write

and think about.

Take time and write yours..

Make it a great week and a great día!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Old habits?

How often do you hear about slipping back to our old ways?

A more medical term used is relapse.

But that is not the one I am speaking to.

Our earthy journey will be one lived with many opportunities for personal

growth and emotional mastery.

We will also experience moments where we all slip back to how we used to do things.

Yes, our old ways.

Old habits and old ways of thinking and doing things are always hard to break.

Be patient on yourself, (goes back to the positive self talk I wrote about

earlier in the week).

Letting someone down is disappointing and letting ourselves down is more so…

as well as pretty frustrating.

Just be gentle, understanding, and empathetic.

It's all about the progress.

Eliminate the negative commentary.

Don’t put yourself down either, we are all slow learners..

it just depends what it is we're learning.

So forgive and move on.

You are constantly going to be changing, and or inspiring others

to make some changes.

So stand back and embrace the transformation, and while you are at it

applaud yourself for taking action.

Be grateful for your inner competitive spirit and courage!

Make it a great día!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Authentic Self.

So a reader asked about how I take on challenges and more importantly

how I deal with trouble or pain.

I pray and meditate.

I deal in gratitude.

I learn from past experiences.

I forgive.

I make it a point to begin and end each day with gratitude.

Whatever troubles me is not something that I run away from.

I become an observer, I take it all in and process it.

I take whatever it is that I am feeling and become a witness to that experience.

I don't allow any pain or suffering to fester.

I live by and manage my life, both my personal and business one

based on principle.

One based on the same values that were instilled in me as a child,

and the ones that are inherent to the many wonderful teachers

that I have come across.

I say teachers but they came from the lessons instilled in me by my

beloved parents, family, siblings, friends and my military,

corporate world, and medical missionary encounters.

Work to be the authentic creation that you were intended to be. 

And just don't forget to "Pay it forward."

Make it a great día!

Friday, April 27, 2012

A link is not a chain.

It's another beautiful dawn, and we all awaken to a full day's

worth of opportunities.

Moment to moment they will change and with them bring the many

wonderful rewards and lessons we need to make us complete.

But what if some present discomfort and pain?

As I mention regularly sadness and pain is temporary.

It's all about how we face or resolve them that will achieve the best

outcome in any situation.

At times we may find it difficult to "own" our pain, whether it's physical,

emotional or spiritual.

However great the challenge, be resolute, be strong.

Believe that you have the power within to resolve anything that is put

in front of you.

Each of our storylines vary in their substance and opportunities.

But we create the chains.

And all chains have a link that can be snapped, or broken therebye 

liberating us so that we can better tend to our other opportunities. 

It is up to us to break the link, to the self limiting chains we may have

wrapped ourselves in. 

The key is knowing we have the power to change by opening that one link.

One link and the chain is no longer a chain, but a mound of links.

It's about showing fortitide and courage.

Stop, breathe and take a good look at them.

Quit struggling in place, stop fighting them.

You have to allow them to manifest themselves totally.

Don't be afraid to face whatever it is you are facing. 

Embrace the situation, your feelings, and the sensation that they have created.

Next quit struggling and expanding all that energy and stresing yourself out.

Replace that space instead with one filled with a sense of learning.

Whatever it is it will no longer keep you chained, and or have power over you.

Much like our past repeating itself; until we finally learn from it,

or whatever lesson we should have learned the first time around,

we can't move on until we do.

I've learned many things in life, that one main one is that all opportunities

come with lessons, including purpose filled ones for healing, for change,

for personal growth and spirituality.

It is only by opening ourselves to change, will we ever be fully empowered

to grow and succeed.

It is also by accepting change, that we will expand our capacity in many

other important areas like love, personal growth and compassion.

Make it a grateful día!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eyes wide open.

We have all been there.

Somehow a bit misunderstood.

Our teenagers filter us out at times.

Maybe even some of our own friends or colleagues.

Have you ever been misunderstood?

Not the grammer, speech, language kind of misunderstanding.

But the simple communication's kind of misunderstanding.

Wouldn't it be easier if we all had the power to see through others?

Maybe read one another's mind?

Scary maybe, but then again it sure would make all of us more candid,

and honest in how we dealt with life and one another.

Communication is about being more transparent.

It's being direct and having straight talks.

The kind of honest conversations that end up clarifying the narrative.

It's a lot like the opposite of a song about communicating,

only with open eyes.

The lyric by John Lennon goes, “Living is easy with eyes closed,

misunderstanding all you see…”

Just think about that and tell me what you think.

Make it a great día!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What is that you say?

Communicating is vital to all relationships.

It doesn't matter what level of interactions you are on.

Whether speaking to a loved one, a friend or a colleague.

Be as authentic as you can be... as they say be genuine.

Be one with what you speak.

Speak with integrity and impeccable in the words you speak.

Begin by saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Our words and how they're directed is important, and powerful!

Whether spoken to a loved one, or a colleague.

They deserve to hear what is important and what matters,

morever that what we are saying stands for something.

Make it an honest conversational día!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our own therapist.

I am up early, can't sleep and my neck is just not cooperating.

Ahh yes, yesterday I wrote about criticism from others,

what about when we do it to ourselves?

Not the actual outloud, outright criticism, but the one in our thoughts

or under our breaths type of criticism.

"Geez that was dumb, how much dumber can you be?"

You get the idea, right? 

If you know me I am always talking about how we have the power to manifest

what we expect in our lives.

Whether it's love, spiritual growth, success (whatever that means to you),

or basic financial stability.

We must begin our day by encouraging ourselves through words.

A big smiling "I LOVE YOU!" type smile in the mirror works well too.

Getting off to a positive start in the morning is the fuel that will keep you at it all day.

Ever notice how when we tell ourselves something positive, we start to believe it.

It is about believing it ourselves.

Yes, it's ok to remind ourselves that we’re …… honest, caring, kind, intelligent,

charming, loving or whatever it is we expect in ourselves.

But how do we expect others to believe us if we don't even believe in ourselves? 

Our positive self talk is as important early in the morning

as it is throughout our entire day.

There is tremendous power and weight in everything we say…

and more so in what we believe.

If we tell ourselves we’re going to fail, then we will.

If we tell ourselves that we can do anything, we can do anything.

If we tell yourselves that we are in complete control of our attitude,

we will learn to control our attitude.

To build our sense of self, and our confidence we need to see

ourselves how we would want others to view us.

It all begins and ends with US.

It's about personal accountablity, and manifesting the best outcome

on any given day.

Make it a great día!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Aristotle's helpful advice.

I read a quote written by the great Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Althought I love the one that reads, "One swallow does not make Spring."

Having visited the mission of San Juan Capistrano and the swallows

it makes a lot of sense to me now.

That beautiful Spanish mission is located in the Anaheim-Irvine area

of Orange County California twenty or so miles southeast of Santa Ana.

That quote took me back to my old DLIFLC military days.

But the quote I read this morning was on criticism.

Aristotle was Plato's student and went on to become a teacher

of Alexander the Great.

His writings covered many subjects from physics, to poetry, and theater to music,

and politics, government, ethics, even biology and zoology.

He wrote,"Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing,

doing nothing and being nothing."

We'd all have to be statues to be able to avoid it all, but come to think about it..

even these structures have pigeons dropping stuff on them.

At the end of the day one has to realize that criticism will not always

be delivered at an opportune time, and may not come gently.

Even if it is from someone legitimately doing their best to help us

or the situation.

If we were to take the approach that the feedback (we are receiving

no matter how unsolicited it is), came from someone trying to teach

us something, maybe we would be able to process it faster.

At the end of the day how we reach that level and internalize it;

will deliver the best outcome, because aren't reacting to it negatively.

So let's learn from it, and as soon as we are finished processing it,

let's make sure to let go of it, and keep moving.

Make it a great día!