Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A donde vas?

Do you know where you are going?

I've often stopped and asked myself this very question.

It's all about finding our direction.

 It is about choice and choosing whatever path you've willing to take.

The road you're on is probably the one youve decided

was best to go down on.

Yet Life, you may have noticed has many paths.

Some paths eventually lead towards the essence of our passion.

The destination is the work, career and life where our passion lives.

Even if you have to lay over in another job, that is untill you can pursue your passion,

the time and money that job creates, is the vehicle you need to drive

to your final destination.

No matter what age you are enjoying, be constant.

Pursue the infinite ways to your passion.

So what if you end up having to march in place for a time,

it is just  a pit stop.

What is important is that you do your best for you, at this moment.

We have to be realistic, (which in Life is mandatory), but with a direction

in mind, you do not ever have to stop dreaming.

To get to where your passion lies, you have to want to reach for the stars.

You won't know the exact distance, but if that is what you feel in your heart

than that's your true direction.

Don't stop, don't quit and even if you can see your dream looming in the distance,

and are weary.. don't let up.

There are multiple alternate routes to your final destination.

Keep looking at the map, and keep your eyes on the road.

People and things you pass may distract you, some will even try to deter you.

You know where you are going, and it's may be easy to get discouraged,

don’t get jaded in the present.

Never forget where you came from, where you've been,

and how great it has felt to get this far.

Because, no matter what your passion, your dreams,

and why you are where you are,

you owe it to yourself to complete this journey.

How else will you ever "know," who all you could have been.

Make it a driven sort of día!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Less is always more.

I was reading that wise men give up something everyday.

While ordinary ones add something each day,

Conventional wisdom encourages us to increase and add to our

personal identity and self.

Which means we go through life seemingly preoccupied with ways

of achieving this important of all goals.

However we ignore the fact that when our conscious mind is at peace

we experience the most contentment and fulfillment.

Could It be that subtraction can be more important than addition?

Our minds get so filled up with "thought" clutter that it makes it

impossible to enjoy an awareness of the simple “now moments."

So the question is rather; what would we be willing to “give up” or “let go” of, 

in order to begin clearing the mind slate.

Cleansing our mind of all unnecessary blocks that could be preventing

us from attaining a much more clear perception of life.

Next time you find yourself in a state of mental stress, or overwhelming worry;

take a moment to give up any unattainable or unreasonable expectation.

It is ok to let go of any perceived goal that is consuming and negatively

controlling your thoughts and feelings.

You'll soon find that with each letting go, there will be a feeling of freedom.

A peculiar feeling of lightness, resulting from the mental freeing

from the heavy load.

I am not sure who wrote this but it explains my blog entry today rather succinctly,

"Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough."

Make it a simple día.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A work inspired life.

Feliz Lunes!

Growing up like most large families my brothers and I all

were assigned chores.

We didn't have a choice, of which chores we preferred to do,

could do or not do.

We were the early innovators of modern day cross training.

There was an unexpressed understanding, that what

we each contributed mattered.

No doubt, I am very grateful for those early years.

That's where my present day work ethic derives from.

You can even say that there was a sense of nobleness that

came from our meeting our responsibilities.

Although we didn't get paid for doing our chores,

or for running errands.

What we did get was grateful encouragement and appreciation.

Our reward came from the voices of the villagers and relatives that

commented on how united our family was.

My Father would remind us that hard work built character,

and that it was a necessary building block a man's foundation.

That beside' work ethic, man needed strong morals and ideals.

I grew up with the belief that our ideals were not set in stone,

but our morals were.

That we created a balanced life when we based morals off of our ideals.

Our Father taught us to see work was a privilege that we needed

to take seriously.

I have since realized that happiness comes from being content

with what one has, and the way things are.

Not that we can't improve them, but as soon as we realize that we

truly lack for nothing, everything in the whole world suddenly

appears to be within our reach. 

Live - Love - Grow.

Make it a hard working día!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

May I borrow your broom?

I was sitting at our community center one afternoon,

just having finished feeding about 60 of our village's elementary,

and middle school age children.

This one of DIF's (government) subsidized program that still runs to this day.

I was speaking to the wife of the village's baron - I'll call her Jesusita.

She was a tall beauty, older but very distinguished elegant woman.

She had driven bye (yes, we have a few trucks in our village - but come to think

about it, she is the only woman I have ever seen drive around town),

and because she was feeling a bit blue

she decided to drop in to speak to me.

She felt that her whole life was empty, that it had little meaning.

I listened to her for about twenty minutes and as she was getting up to leave,

in came Doña Joaquina.

Dressed in her typical mourning attire of a black dress, black hosiery,

and old dusty black shoes she walked in and with a big smile said,

"Buenos Días cariños!" (Good day my dears!)

I asked her to come over, Doña Joaquina worked 20 hours a week in our center,

mainly cleaning up after the morning breakfast rush.

I asked her if she would like to share with us how she had found happiness.

She blushed and said, I'd love to tell you but it may bore you."

So Doña Joaquina pulled up a chair along side Jesusita and I.

She started off, "Two years ago in the late July my husband died suddenly of a heart attack.

He had been working in our garden, bringing water to our small one acre piece of land.

Just one month later my only son Aldelberto accidentally drove off

"El espinazo del Diablo."

They say his brakes failed and maybe it was also his driving.

He always drove his truck as fast as it could go, so fast that even as crazy

as I am I just would refuse to drive with him," she chuckled.

A tear suddenly appeared in her left eye, "I had nobody...

I had lost everything,

I had nothing left.

I couldn't eat nor sleep, it was even hard for me

to go to church.

I never smiled at anyone, and I even thought of taking my own life.

But then early last December a little black and white kitten followed me home

from Javi's store.

I don't know exactly where he started following me, but I remember looking

down and seeing him, it was actually a her, but then I didn't know then.

I tried to shoo it away.

It would stop when I stopped, but then just as soon as I started walking

it too would begin following.

Well it followed me all the way home.

Somehow I felt sorry for the little creature.

It was already beginning to get cold outside, so I decided to let the kitten in,

but just for the one night (I told myself).

I got a little bit of milk out for it and told him, tomorrow Senor Gato

we will go find your real house.

It must have been hungry because it licked the plate clean.

Then it began to purr and then came over and rubbed against my leg,

and for the first time in months, I laughed.

It's little face was covered with milk and it kept licking itself clean.

I picked it up and I think it smiled back.

Then I stopped to think, If helping a little kitten could make me smile,

maybe doing something for people could make me happy.

So the next day I made extra flour tortillas and took them to a neighbor

Don Agustin who was sick in bed.

I made a promise that every day I would try to do something nice for someone.

It made me so happy to see them happy.

That is how I found this job.

I spoke to Tomas about volunteering.

He was able to make a position for me here.

I actually get paid for making a lot of children and a few adults happy.

Today, Jesusita, I don't know of anybody in the entire village

who sleeps or eats better than I do.

I've found happiness, by giving it to others."

Before Doña Joaquina had finished, Jesusita was sobbing loudly.

Jesusita had everything that money could buy, but she had lost the things

which money can't buy.

Jesustita got up and hugged Doña Joaquina for the longest time.

She wiped her tears and than said, "Please Dona Joaquina let me take that broom,"

and began helping Doña Joaquina.

I think we all know where we could be of help.

This holiday season, let's look for ways to put our skills,

and or our brooms to good use.

Live - Love - Grow. 

Make it a great día!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Leave heart prints.

Have you ever been in love?

Forget the chemistry, our hearts define who and how much to love.

Just like our fingerprints, whatever our hands touch..

we end up leaving a part of our DNA.

Everything we touch leaves a part of our identity.

When we love someone we also leave our heart print.

We leave an indelible mark or heart print.

A heart prints that attaches our endearing sentiments,

empathy, understanding and love.

Heart prints also can be felt, much like when we show approval,

kindness, and genuine concern.

Today I hope you leave your heart print.

May whomever you touch also senses the love that you're emitting

from deep within your heart.

Make it a loving heart printed día!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Job stress?

I hope you survved the crazy pre-Black Friday rush.

As you can see we're now in the midst of the holiday season.

A lot of us start to stress and quite often for the wrong reasons.

One area you can de-stress is your worklife.

There is no sense having that added to your already holiday stresses.

Let's look at the job itself.

Experts suggest that we look at change our attitude.

Quite often is the one main ingredient to a less stressed job situation.

How we approach our responsibilities and adapt or don't adapt

is a big job stressors.

By being confident in what you do, and more positive about your

overall outlook on the world, you'll find it easier to

be resilient to stressful situations.

Psychologists have been saying for a long time that people

experience less stress when they have some degree of control

over their work or home environments.

Something as simple as making your desk less messy

at the end of your shift.

Write up a "To do" list and check stuff you do off as you do them.

Organizing your surroundings will help you feel as if you are

clearing up any mental clutter.

It also gives you a sense of order and accomplishment,

and in a way more control over your job.

Stressed out people need to let off some "pent up" energy,

and emotion.

It's harder to build up stress-generated adrenalin when

you're walking, weight lifting and walking.

If you have an office job make time to walk around the building or

the block a few times each day.

I read that even if it's for a minute or two, the additional blood flow

into the brain brings added clarity and de-stresses the body.

Scientifically it is due to the decrease in stress-releasing

chemicals like cortisol.

If your job is not one where you can see a project from start to finish,

then keep a tally of your accomplishment, any positive customer

feedback testimonials, colleagues kudos or from the boss,

and or congratulatory emails.

All companies now a days have some sort of Employee Advocay units,

EAPs or ER departnents that allows you to leave

your important feedback.

Either in person, in an e-mail or even through a suggestion

box mechanisms, use them to  vent (constructively).

A lot of the work life stressers can be opportunities to improve

your work environment.

You have to be willing to do something about it.

It's your job.

Make it a great día!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feliz Thanksgiving!

I can only imagine what life would be like if we allowed our grateful hearts

to celebrate it more frequently.

We get so caught up in the holiday rush, shopping, decorating and making

plans to drive somewhere to visit the relatives, that our thankful

or grateful thoughts require us doing more serious thinking.

Yet if we stopped for a moment, we'd realize that most of what we are

truly thankful for has been right there all along. 

No matter what your position in life is, or what you contribute,

we all know that it isn't an easy job.

Our constant having to exceed our loved ones as well as our own

expectations day in and day out is nothing less than remarkable.

And even though we often regard the holidays as a welcome break

from the day to day routine, our contribution is, in fact, anything but.

We are all vital to our own success, and that of our loved ones, 

and even more so to our collective happiness.

At this Thanksgiving.

Let's all show gratefulness and understanding.

To our enemy, and we all have those.. forgiveness.

To someone unwilling to listen or understand, tolerance.

To a friend, give them a piece of our heart.

To our community, service.

To everyone we meet, charity.

To every child, let's be good examples of all that they could be.

To ourselves, respect.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Feliz Día!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Make like an ANT!

I was reading an article written by Jim Rohn.

In it he asked, "Are you looking for the secret to success?"

According to his advice, none of us have to look too far.

To be successful all you need to do is acquire the Mind-Set of an ANT.

Yes, a tiny simple ant.

If you are like me I tend to read about successful people,

and desire to learn how they got there.

We all want to be successful, and learn the secrets of success.

But we forget that the biggest lessons in life may just come from

the tiniest little folks down on the ground around us.

Who would have guessed that those small creatures could

teach us how to live a better life?

Rohn developed what he called the "Ant Philosophy."

He identified four key ant behaviors that can help us lead

more successful lives.

First and most important, "Ants don't ever quit!"

They keep at it and at it.

Have you ever stopped to see how ants constantly look

for a way around any obstacle?

Next time put something in their path and watch them.

They will either go around it, or over it.

They will keep looking for a way out.

You will never see an Ant standing there scratching their head,

standing there just staring.

No, they won’t give up.. and I have never, ever seen them

turn around and go back because of an obstacle in their path.

We could learn a lot from them.

We will always have obstacles enter our lives.

The challenge is to keep moving, working at it and always trying to overcome them. 

We have to be prepared to look for alternative routes

to get us to our goals.

I also think that Ants think about winter even during the summer.

Do you remember the old story of the ant and the grasshopper?

During the middle of summer, the ant was busy gathering food

for the winter that was sure to come.

The grasshopper couldn't care less, he was out having a good time.

The ants knew that summer brought them endless nice, warm days.

Yet they knew that those good times also weren't going to last forever.

Soon enough fall came and then the cold of winter followed.

The grasshopper nearly starved to death.

Even when the going is good, we may encounter

a crisis or a setback.. but they are temporary! 

So think like an ant.

Always be good to others.

Remember to save for a rainy day.

Keep your head up.

Always keep looking ahead.

And remember, good times may not last, but good people do.

Although ants may suffer through the unbearable cold of the winter,

as they hunker down in their nests.

Throughout the bitter cold, and all that they endure...

they keep reminding themselves that winter won’t last forever,

and that summer will soon be there.

And with the first warming sunrays of the summer, one sees the ants come out

and ready to work hard.

When we are down or when we go through what looks like

a never-ending crisis,

it’s good to remind ourselves that this too shall pass.

Good times will eventaully come.

It’s important to retain a positive attitude,

an attitude that says, "I'll get through this, I know things will get better."

As the old saying goes, tough times don’t last.

Tough people do.

Finally ants do all they possibly can - when they can.

How much food does an ant gather in summer?

No doubt, all that it possibly can!

Now that’s a great work ethic to have.

Do all you can, while you can!

I am almost sure, that one ant doesn’t worry about how much food

another ant has collected.

It probably doesn't sit back and wonder why it should have to work so hard.

And I am almost certain that it doesn't waste a lot of time

complaining about it's final reward!

Ants just do everything they need to do, when they can.

They go out daily to gather all the food they can.

Success and happiness in their world and ours is all about giving 100%.

Doing all that we possibly can.

If you look around you, you’ll find that successful people

are those who just do all they possibly can.

I bet if we follow these simple "ant" steps we’ll see the difference.

So don’t ever quit.

Keep your head up.

Always keep looking ahead.

Stay positive.

And do all you can.

And there’s just one more lesson to learn from ants.

Did you know that an ant can carry objects up to 20 times their own weight?

Maybe we are like that too.

We can carry burdens on our shoulders and manage workloads that are far,

far heavier than we’d imagine.

Next time something’s bothering you and weighing you down,

and you feel you just can’t carry on, don’t despair.

Think of that little ant.

And remember, you too can carry a lot more

on your shoulders than you ever realized!

Make it a great día!