Saturday, April 30, 2011

Make people around you HAPPIER!

What can you do to make your work place or home happier?

If we are to be happier we have to be positive and make ourselves think about being happier.

It begins with us.

We must make ourselves feel happier.

Recognizing what it is to feel right and then work to make your surrounding an atmosphere of genuine and positive growth.

For instance I have been working to make my employees and the recently hired ones feel genuinely welcomed.

A new employee had been there less than a week when we surprised her on her birthday. 

My approach is to also have on-going meetings that are positive.

Meetings that not only educate but reward and recognize.

We have on going activities at my office.

We are currently playing a Let's Make a Deal fun activity, where all of the employees end up winning snacks, gift cards, time off and casual days all week long.

Looking around it’s common to see people smile or hear them laughing.

I also bring a degree of levity to work and ensure that my employees know that I can be myself when I am with them.

We also plan and hold a lot of celebrations and ensure that our employees are recognized not just on their birthdays but anniversaries and for doing a great job as well.

It begins at the top with leadership having an optimistic and positive attitude.

When people call us they will always hear an upbeat and positive (but consultative) voice at the other end.

I definitely have a sense that they enjoy doing business with us.

We are all part of one company and one team.

It doesn't cost any more to have a happier more cohesive workforce.

By making it a more positive and happier environment it certainly makes it happen.

Make it a great dia!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Praying for the South.

The tornadoes and violent storms that ripped through seven Southern states on Wednesday, have sadly killed over 300 people.

It is estimated to have left nearly 1 million customers across the region without electricity.

Causing billions of dollars of damage in some of the deadliest twisters in U.S. history.

It is being reported as the worst U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which killed up to 1,800 people.

In some areas, whole neighbourhoods were flattened, cars flipped over and trees and power lines felled, leaving tangled wreckage.

Rescuers were continuing their search for survivors, some who sheltered in bathtubs, closets and basements through the storms.

My friend Rob, his loved ones and all of his employees in Birmingham, Alabama are safe, although it too was hit hard.

Rescue workers were busy sifting through rubble by hand yesterday to try and pull survivors from destroyed homes.

Two babies were rescued in Birmingham, one baby was trapped in its crib when the house fell down on top of him.

The mile wide twister that tore through Tuscaloosa, may have been the biggest ever to hit the state.

Shops, shopping malls, drug stores, gas stations and dry cleaners were all flattened in one section in that city.

The Browns Ferry nuclear power plant in Alabama was expected to be shut for days, possibly weeks, as workers repaired damaged transmission lines.

They were indeed fortunate that the backup systems worked as intended to prevent a partial meltdown like the nuclear disaster in Japan.

Please give what you can to the American Red Cross and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Make it a prayerful día!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gone fishing?

Some of my employees love to get together and fish.

I wonder how they came to coordinate their love for this past time?

I love fishing as well and remember my oldest brother Rodolfo fondly, 

because of his humorous lessons on life that included his fishing.

He made it perfectly clear that you always had to be careful about

what spot you fished at.

But that who you fished with was more important,

 then what you were fishing for.

He always threw in the rule of being even more careful about what you

brought home..

and to always know what to throw back.

Quite often he said all this in the same breath as when he was going out on a date.

He called it "Going fishing."

Go figure?

Make it a great día!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A new day and a fresh start.

The Easter celebration got me thinking about starting anew…

about making amends and starting fresh.

I wrote up a few things I am going to do…

Forget the past.

Not over worry about stuff too much - most of all the stuff I have no control over.

Reach out to my neighbors more.

Do a better job of staying in touch with relatives and old friends.

I have done a good job so far, but really work at avoiding owing anyone - anything.

Love my family even more.

Forgive myself.

Forgive others especially anyone that I may be having difficulty with. 

Look for things around me that take my breath away.

Make it a daily thought to help someone.

Expect that miracles will happen.

Play the hand I've been given smarter.

Do and say what matters.

What will you do differently?

We're all given a fresh start. 

Make it a great día!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are you BIG?

My Father admired and respected the town Judge.

He called Don Damacio, "Un gran hombre."

I remember looking at old Don Damacio who was about 5'6 and about 130lbs. soaking wet.. and wondering, "My Father sure is not good at sizing someone up."

My Father had to explain that by his calling the judge a BIG man, he wasn't saying that the old Judge was BIG, in the stature type of big. 

He talked about how "BIG" people, were given that respect due to the way they carried themselves and how they respected others.

How "BIG" people like Don Damacio, came to be seen that way because above everything else, they were always thoughtful, considerate, kind and generous.

Not just to some people and at special occasions, or under only some circumstances, but to everyone - all the time.

My Father was also quite respected and everyone in the village called him "Don Tomas," which is an honorary title of respect and used by Spanish speaking people to address people of distinction.

He said that it was easy to be "BIG" when everyone was watching.

That real character emerged in the way one lived their daily lives and met their everyday obligations.

He spoke of always acting in a way that one's consequences brought pride, and respect to one's family, and on a larger scale to one's company and country.

My Father also taught me to always maintain and act with integrity.

He would say that we all had "legacies" in the making. 

That we all needed to be cognizant of working and living in a way that would obligate us in improving the quality of the society we were a part of.

He would remind us that our work began and would one day end when we had contributed all we could to making the world around us a better place.

At times my Father's respect for others could have been confused with weakness.

Yet anyone that happened to fall into that category would soon find that there was no one as quietly centered, competitive and driven as my Father.

He believed that there we could compete and win against anyone, if we played with 100% "corazón" y "pación," or heart and passion.

He made sure to ensure to instill in his family to work hard, with a compassionate heart and inner drive.

I loved my Father, and the life lessons he instilled in me at a young age are what drives the way I have led and managed, everyone I have been responsible for throughout my life.

By the way - my Father, Don Tomás developed the first wind mill operated irrigation system, and thereby growing the finest pecans in Sonora.

He also pioneered the first chicken raising operation - via an advanced gasoline-generated incubation system.. 

the first ever in the high sierras of Sonora.

Think BIG!   Be BIG!

Make it a gran dia! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Evaluate, judge or discipline someone?

What would happen if you were in a position to judge, re-evaluate or discipline someone?

How would you fairly apply a balanced punitive action?

I come from a legacy of disciplining but one where our Father always told us to “Be stern but fair.”

My Mother on the other hand (and bless her heart for the many times that she interceded on our behalf)… would discipline from a place in her heart.

She could quickly correct any situation, including her children and her husband who could both be difficult to manage at times, with only love as her sword.

"Always treat others with the level of respect you want to get back," my old Grandpa Aristeo would tell us.

So too must we pay attention to how we lecture, discipline or level justice.

Be respectful.

Be kind.

Be stern.

But above all Be Fair.

We all can learn from our mistakes, although second chances don't always come easy.

Make it a great día!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

HE has risen...

Way beyond the religious celebrations, the lectures, special luncheons, and dinners, as well as the parties with lots of candy and egg hunts and chocolate bunnies..

Easter has a much deeper meaning for me. 

It's of historical significance and its true meaning touches me on a much deeper level. 

I do believe that Jesus rose from the grave. 

HIS resurrection is the single most important belief that I hold in my faith system. 

It's the foundation for just about everything else that I believe. 

Today we celebrate this important holiday.

God sent HIS son Jesus into our world to live a life that showed us what God the Father was like. 

He taught us how to love and serve others, he brought us closer to HIS truth.

He died on that cross as a means of purchasing our acceptance and forgiveness from God. 

You see, God is Holy, which means He is absolutely perfect. 

He can't, by His very nature, have any direct relationship with sin. 

That poses a major problem for us all, because as the Bible states, Roman's 3:10,23, "We are far from perfect and need forgiveness from our many sins.  

Then comes Jesus! 

For it was His sacrificial death that made it possible for us to have fellowship with God.

HIS perfection made up for our own imperfection. 

The blood and death HE experienced paid the punishment of our wrong doing.

God could then uphold justice while still loving and forgiving us.

After Jesus died on the cross, they took Him down, and placed Him in a secure tomb.

Now what if that story had stopped there?

We might have room to doubt whether or not Jesus’ death truly meant anything. 

Was He just another religious leader that lived, who was martyred, and is now in the grave? 

I believe with every ounce of my being… that the answer is no. 

The message of Easter is that HE is NOT in that grave, and that HE arose victoriously.

And His resurrection was not random; for it was clearly foretold by the prophets of old and by Himself on numerous occasions, but don't take my word for it please read Luke 18:32,33. 

You see it was God’s plan all along. 

Jesus wasn't just another man or even another great teacher, but He really was God’s son who came to be and live forever and ever. 

When HE arose, it was God’s way of saying that HIS sacrifice on the cross fully atoned for all of our sins. 

Because of this, you and I are now free to be loved and forgiven by God, to be His child unconditionally.   

HIS offer of eternal life is real and proven.

Because of what we celebrate today, we can have hope beyond this world, hope of an eternity spent in a place called Heaven.

A heaven where there is no pain or violence or poverty or sickness or anything else that currently hurts us in this life. 

That’s the special message of Easter. 

Our Jesus lived, died, and was raised again, and because of that you and I can believe in a life and a world to come with full access to it.

We will leave our earthly journey and by God’s grace and mercy one day join HIM in heaven.

That’s what Easter means to me! 

Everlasting Life - Love - Forgiveness 


Make it a great Easter dia!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Open and Accepting?

Have you ever wondered about the people that are born knowing

what they want to do with their life?

If you are like the rest of us you are probably just now finding out what

it is you want to do with the rest of your life.

Some people it takes much longer and they do not find out till much later

in life what it is they want to be doing.

Even sadder there are some that continue searching and never quite know. 

It easier if you are being open to receive suggestions and guidance.

I have been fortunate to have met people of all walks of life and held conversations on

their ideas and individual philosophies.  

In doing so I have spent a good portion of my life experiencing life,

and enjoyed its many adventures.

I have also been exposed to cultures, foods and lifestyles.. all quite different from my own.

Yet at the heart's core I have found that there is good in each of us.

All needing to love and be loved.

To have a source of inspiration and guidance beyond what we see. 

Today be motivated to make a difference. 


Be willing to understand rather than being understood.

Make it a great dia! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Are you living in a perfect moment>

We can all dream about the perfect moment,

the perfect job..

or the perfect relationship.

We can also go our entire life wishing it so and it may never happen.

Then there are moments when our lives takes us in an unanticipated direction. 

All of a sudden we wake up one day,

and realize we have found our way into the life we always knew we wanted to live. 

Where our being here makes a difference,

where what we contribute at home and or work is making a difference,

and we're not just there for ourselves..

where our existance on this earthly journey matters to someone.

How we feel and the respect that we show in how we live their lives is important.

Who we spend our time with is critcal. 

Look around and make sure that you are in that moment.

Make today that day and work to make every day from here on out just as amazing.

Make it a perfectly great dia!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspire someone.

My blog allows me to share many personal experiences and my life story -

if only a few short sentences at a time.

I have been fortunate to have met some pretty powerful and influential people in my lifetime.

World leaders, men of honor, others of the cloth..  educators, singers, warriors,

women who changed lives, healers, celebrities, musicians, actors and entertainers.

Some I have admired because of their character.

Others because of their accomplishments. 

No matter who it was  or is, I have found that I can learn something from how

 they have lived. 

Although a few people I have met are truly great by our worldly standards. 

I have also been as inspired by the reasoning of 6 year old who discovered how a simple

magnifying glass created fire...

as I have by a dear friend who was awarded many patents and currently heads his

amazing RFID technology company. 

Still every human being has the ability to be an inspiration to someone else.

Be that inspiration!

Someone, somewhere is watching..

and yearning to follow in your footsteps.

Live - Love - Grow!

Make it a great dia!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gratitude encourages..

Life would be so much better if we all showed each other a bit more gratitude.

I find less and less of it all around me.

Although I know no one has any obligation to show gratitude to anyone else.

No one has to thank their manager, and your manager doesn’t have to thank you,

and neither of you have to thank your customers.

But can you imagine how much better our lives would be if we all showed each other a bit more GRATITUDE?

We'd all get along much better and probably like each other even more.

We’d all want to go the extra mile for one another.

And our customers would not only appreciate us more but be happier too.

From my personal experience I know that the best places to work are ones,

where people are grate­ful for the opportunity to contribute..

and aren’t afraid to express sincere ap­preciation whenever it is merited.

The best places I've worked at (blessed to say just five organizations in over 35 years ;),

were those where people, regardless of their position, accepted compliments,

and praise with grace and never second-guessed the intention.

We all have a lot to be grateful for every day.

Make it a point to expand both team and individual gratitude and graciousness,

and I guarantee that your work life will be healthier and happier.

You will see negativity begin to diminish and you’ll see that your efforts,

will reflect in the bottom line with improved morale,

productivity and most importantly in the form of happier employees.

If you want to make GRATITUDE grow...

Say thank-you a lot more..

Give compliments often..

Adopt an “It’s the thought that counts” sort of attitude.

Always communicate openly and honestly.

Thank those you serve.

Thank your subordinates for putting their trust in you each day.

Thank your customers for giving you their business.

After all, GRATITUDE is contagious and will encourages repeat performances.

Make it a great dia! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do the things that matter..

Death can be a very complicated way to complete one's earthly journey.

Few ever expect it unless of course you have been battling some terminal desease,

but even than you never truly know when you'll take your last breath.

Having just spent the last few days consoling my best friend and his wife, as they buried their son.

I can tell you that there was much more to his story.

Many more memories to be made and a lot more life to be lived.

The departed's wife and three beautiful daughters fully expected their father to come home from the hospital.

He had gone in with a kidney infection.

Who knew he would never be coming home.

I wonder what his thoughts or plans were? 

I know he was looking forward to spending time with his three girls.

An avid soccer player, he had told me he wanted to get more involved with their soccer training. 

I wonder if he had made peace with his God?

Did he tell his loved ones how much he loved them just before he passed away?

Did he know he would never leave the hospital?  

If he had would he have lived differently up until the day he had to be hospitalized?

We all live our lives thinking we will have time to do everything we need to do.

Yet, if we knew that tomorrow was our last day what would we change?

Don't wait for a tragic moment to upend your routine.

Live your life like it was your last day.

Spend time doing the things that matter..

and not just to you..

one more time.

Live - Love - Grow.

Make it a great dia!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Finding a way out...

We all have experienced heartache, sadness and emotional pain.

Some of us have also been affected by a deeper loss and known depression intimately.

Depression can be devastating.

There is a loneliness that comes with taking on life's burdens.

A quiet desperation. 

We wake up feeling sad, exhausted from the previous night's insomnia,

and the only energy you have is spent on a really bad mood upon awakening.

The day comes and with it your feeling of anger, sadness, frustration,

disappointment and misery.

I have found helpful accepting whatever loss you are experiencing,

and giving expression to what I am feeling.

I then write my feelings and experiences in a journal, 

or go and seek out someone I trust,

or can talk openly and honestly to.

Yet sometimes, nothing helps, except getting through it.

And one of the best ways to “get through it” is to do something radical in the way you care for yourself. 

Stop and take the time to nurture - no more than that... pamper yourself.  

Now is the time when you need it most.

No one knows you better than you.

Purposely withdraw from the day's routine.

Take time to do something out of the normal for yourself.

Take a long nature walk.

Go sit in an open park and take in some rays.

Fill up your tub and take a long hot bubble bath.. yes, even us hombres. 

If you’re at the office, consider going home early so you can take in a movie. 

Now's the time to give yourself a much needed mental health day everyone kids about.

There is no shame... everyone will experience depression in their lifetime.

Some will experience a more lengthy type.

And for this chronic sadness you might want to seek medical help.

But that doesn’t mean you are stuck and may not pull through.

Any small burst of energy is what should be leveraged to take the smallest of actions.

All you need is to change your perspective and you'll soon begin to turn things around. 

I have experienced depression and the best way that I was able to see my way through the darkness, was to connect with someone.

When I have experienced depression, I have had someone lead me out.

You don't have to accept life as it is now. 

All sadness is temporary.

You don't have to go through life exhausted, depressed, or stressed. 

Visualize waking up each morning with joyful heart and abundant positive energy that will carry you throughout the day.

There is always HOPE.

Depression blinds us to that fact.

If we can somehow hold on to our HOPE, we can find a way to get through it.

Live - Love - Grow.

Make it a great dia! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Was this man a FAILURE?

I was reading an article written by Tom Watrson Sr.

He said, "Failure is the highway to success. If you want to succeed, double your failure rate."

He said that if one studied history, you would find that most stories of success were also stories of great failures.

He said that most people don't see the failures.

They only saw one side and they assumed that person got lucky.

You've heard the old refrain, "He must have been at the right place at the right time."

I have to share the life history of someone I have long admired with you.

This is the story of a man who failed in business at the early age of 21. 

He was defeated in his first legislative race at age 22.

Then failed for the second time in business at age 24.

Overcame the death of his sweetheart at age 26.

Suffered a nervous breakdown and was hosptialized for several months at age 27.

He went on to lose a congressional race at age 34.

Lost a senatorial race at age 45.

Failed in an effort to become vice-president at age 47.

Lost a senatorial race at age 49 but went on to be elected president of the United States at age 52.

Any guesses?

This supposed failure was our very own Abraham Lincoln.

I would not call him a failure.

He could have quit - when he faced all these points of failure in his life.

But to Lincoln, defeat was only a detour and never a dead end.

Try and see all failures as opportunities and as detours to try harder and succeed.

Make it a great dia!