Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Failure is my stepping stone...

Who hasn't suffered a setback?

I've suffered my share. 

I can honestly say that I have never once blamed it on destiny, on the luck of the draw or some other nonsense.

What I try and do is to find a lesson worth keeping from the experience.

More importantly I consider the temporary setback as my stepping stone.

Success is all about how we respond to our challenges and how much we want to learn from them.

This approach makes all the difference in the world.

Don't take my word for it - try this approach the next time you meet up with a setback.

My approach to success is more about visualizing the failure as a stepping stone then focusing on the failure itself.

I have a few rules I live by - one is my 48 hour rule (but that's not the one in this blog)... the one that comes to mind is giving myself a certain amount of time to indulge in self-pity.

Yes, after a temporary setback we can and must process it.

The thing is to not dwell or stay in that "stuck" state long.

The longer one does, the harder it is to get moving.

Still, I believe we all have the right amount of courage within to always go on.

We must learn from our losses and always but keep moving onward.

See your failures as temporary setbacks.

Make them your stepping stone.

Make it a great dia!

Monday, November 29, 2010



Start your first day of your week... by making it a point to make each day of having a daily GRATITUDE goal.

What will you do for someone else today?

What will you give to others today?

What 3 things do you value most and are grateful for?

What do you value that someone does for you each day? 

What are you grateful for at this very moment?

What are you happy about?

At the end of each day...

How well did you do on accomplishing your goals for today?

What increased in value by your being more grateful?

What was better today?

If you wanted to be happier - what would you do each day to be happier?

Live it - Be it!

Make it a great dia!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

One small step forward.

"We can do anything you want to do, if you put your heart into it!" I can hear my Father say.

"Given the same playing field", he would add... "there is no reason why you can't be better then anyone around you!"

Today I want to help someone concentrate on taking one step forward, no matter how small.

Our attitude is the very energy that we all need to propel us forward and upward!

I must ask you, are you a positive sort of person?

Are you solution-oriented?

Do you find yourself complaining, being negative, even fearful or mean-spirited?

Whatever it is, people around you will always feel it.

And if you think for a moment... what you put out to others determines, in large measure what comes right back to you.

As you step into the new year, changing your ATTITUDE is absolutely necessary if you want to improve your life and the life of the people around you.

Many of us struggle with these kinds of changes all the time.

We may wonder why, no matter how hard we’ve tried, our lives are still stuck and can't engage another gear... we feel like we're in first gear. 

So too will your relationships lack depth and a true connection.

You can bet that your finances will never get beyond a certain level.

And those big plans we have, just can’t seem to get off the ground.

Sorry to bring this all up.

But ask yourself that one BIG question... Why?

Well, for starters changing your ATTITUDE requires some real personal growth.

I've never met anyone that could fake their way into a positive ATTITUDE.

You can't "will" yourself to being positive.

At least, not for any significant length of time.

But if you really want to change and you follow these simple steps, not only will you transform your ATTITUDE, but your life as you know it will become more enjoyable.

First thing first...

Let go of the past.

Whatever you've been holding on to is keeping you "stuck."

Let go of whatever preconceived stereotype of yourself or of what others think you should be.

Release those deep-seated grudges or resentments you've been carrying around.

It doesn’t matter what it is, you must decide if it’s in the past, it’s going to be left back there... it's over and done with!

A big part of having a great ATTITUDE is forgiveness.

I would start by writing up a list of the people in your life, yes, I know it is going to take your writing stuff down.

Write down everyone that you resent, have resented or need to make amends with.

I mean go back to your childhood or teenage years, and list all those acquaintances, break ups, friends and family members alike. 

Now take a deep breath and begin reading each name and as you do I want you to quietly forgive every single one of them.

Say something like "Margarita, you broke my heart but I forgive you and today I release every painful memory." 

Pay close attention to those closest to you, your loved ones, your parents, siblings, spouse and if you’re older, your children.

Now before you begin, I want you to put yourself on the very top of your list.

Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you’ve made or that you believe you’ve made.

Just let it all go, we need to begin anew... to start over again much like a fresh start.

Next step is an important one.

I believe in looking reality in the face and staring it down.

I learned long ago that you can't change something if you refuse to see it for what it is.

We all encounter situations and people that somehow end up consistently upseting or hurting us. 

Maybe it is something else, like our weight, an addiction or bad habit... large or small, a perceived failure or loss, or a close relationship that is just not working.

Look it straight in the eye and say out loud, “I acknowledge and accept that "whatever it is that is upsetting you" is what’s happening to me."

What you are doing is acknowleding and fully accepting the "situation" or "feeling."

Now you know what it is and you have far more clarity on how to change it.

Like I began this blog -

Today I will concentrate on taking one step forward no matter how small.

We must take tiny steps forward each day.

No matter how big or how far off your goal may be, if we feel like we will never get there.

Guess what - you won't.

This often feeds into our negative ATTITUDE.

This is often what happens when we are trying to change a personal habit or relationship pattern.

The key is to break the big goal into very small steps.

Take one tiny step forward every day.

Any action forward, no matter how small, will do wonders for how you feel about yourself.

You will begin to trust life again.

Accept that life is working out just the way it needs to and get out of the way.

Continuing working really hard, do everything you know possible and even if things are still not working out keep moving forward. 

Chances are you’re getting in the way of your own progress.

Know that there is a higher power than you, who ultimately is calling the shots.

Like they say "Let GOD, and let GO!"

I am not saying to not do all that you can on your part, but allowing things to flow is critical in making life work.

You are important! You have worth! Know your value!

Others will not value you unless and until you show that you value yourself.

So if you haven't already begin to make changes and work hard to take better care of yourself.

I also need you to do something special every day.

Whether it's exercising, eat healthier, taking a long hot shower, getting a massage, reading a book, meditating, or praying.

Be grateful and learn to ask for help and be willing to help.

No one has ever or will ever accomplish anything alone.

Success draws success.

Success stems from partnership, teamwork and community.

So let's get more involved in your neighborhood and your community.

Open your heart and be generous.

Be humble and both offer help and ask for help.

Be grateful.

Of all the steps I just wrote, undoubtedly the most important is practicing gratitude.

Always try and focus on what is good in your life.

Make a list of all the things you have, the qualities you’re blessed with, the people you love and who love you.

I actually keep my list under my bed (you'll have to read the very first blog I ever wrote almost a year ago to know why).

Read your list before you go to bed and every morning first thing when you wake up!

Make it a great dia! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

When we are living a positive, purpose filled journey.

Buenos Dias amigos!

How we live our lives, is determined not so much by what life brings to you but by the attitude we bring to life.

I totally believe that a happier life "happens" when we are living a positive, purpose filled journey. 

It's outcome, successes and enjoyment are dependent on how one perceives its challenges.

Along with our positive attitude and level of determination.

Make it a great dia!

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's been a year!

I can't believe its been a year since I began blogging!

I have been writing daily inspirational, motivational or personal story of hope and courage in various memos for my colleagues for over eight years.

It was only when my computer crashed a year ago today that I made the wise choice to archive my thoughts onto a blog.

"Un Momento Please" was born on Nov. 26th 2009.

Many people have asked me this past year why I write?

Others ask me why I have no ads other then for the charities on my site.

Truth is I don't choose to make any profit off my writings in any way.

My reasons is simple.

The purpose and hope of "Un Momento Please" is to provide a few moments of respite, of reading for people exploring GRATITUDE.

Although after Roberto's murder last July or Rodolfo's kidnapping and murder in September, my writings have at times moved towards bringing awareness to the on going violence in Cd. Juarez, Mexico.

Still I write because there is purpose in my life.

My hope is that those who stop by will learn that there is a great deal to be grateful for.

That there is a higher power and it exists there for each of us and that we are loved.

That there between our hopes and despair, in our endless search for happiness there is a lot to be grateful for.

Thanks for being there for me -

Make it a great dia!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love the holidays. Although quite often I am too far away from the one's I love.

I enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving, although its not a holiday that I've ever celebrated in Mexico.

Yet no matter where I find myself, I am thankful for this annual reminder.

Remindng me to be a little more thankful and compassionate then I might have been.   

Too often we look at what's "missing" or "lacking" in our lives. 

Instead of being thankful for all we do have in our lives. 

It's so easy to fall into the commercialization of this blessed concept. 

We're constantly inundated with all the stuff that merchant's say we should have.

The 2.0 version of just about everything in our lives.  

So to really enjoy this  holiday, this Thanksgiving we must be grateful and do a paradyne shift. 

Ensuring we make a true conscious effort of seeking gratitude and being thankful.

Giving thanks for all we do have in our lives and putting it to practice in our lives.

I believe that being thankful inspires others to be thankful as well.

Its easy to over look everything we could be thankful for.

But I am sure there are a hundred and one reasons in our lives, if we take a closer look.

This holiday, inspire others to do the same. 

Be grateful, live gratefully and seek to see everything in your life as a positive.

Work to live as if it's Thanksgiving year round by showing compassion and giving without expecting anything in return.

Be more generous with time, money, patience, good deeds, kind words - just give. 

Your one seemingly insignificant act might be allit takes to make the difference in the world to the next person you see. 

Can you imagine if we all did this on a regular basis? 

Make it a grateful dia!

Happy Thanksgiving or Feliz de de Accion de Gracias! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Funny how life is.

Funny how love is.

As we grow up we learn that the one person that wasn't supposed to let you down, will.

Just know that you'll have your heart broken more than once in this lifetime.

However you'll break someone's heart as well.

Unintentional as it might seem, life happens.

Just make sure you don't blame a new love for the failings of an old one.

You'll fight with your best friend, your lover or significant one, your spouse.

And, one day you'll cry because time is passing by too fast.

So what I've learned is that we can't take too many pictures, nor laugh too much or make too many memories.

My amigos, my best advice is to love like you've never been hurt, because in the end life's really too short.

Make it a great dia!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

With honest eyes and open hearts.

As Thanksgiving nears we all have something to be grateful for.

Today begin your day by trying to see the world through more grateful eyes. 

You'll find that by doing that you are immediately happier, more content with the world..

I read that statistically speaking grateful people are happier people. 

Imagine seeing the best in the world around you... with gratitude in your hearts.

Begin with finding what is good about your relationships, your business world as well as your home life.

If you are skeptical and we all can be at times - today is your day!

Today just focus on all the positive aspects of your "vida" your life. 

Close your eyes and filter out "negativity." 

Today I want you to see your silver lining, your rainbow, visualize your light at the end of the tunnel.

Listen to small whispering voice, your heart , your intuition or sixth sense.

Be intuitive; think with your head but let your heart lead. 

We can learn to be more intuitive and allow gratitude to amplify your intuition.

When we become more grateful, no matter what life throws at you...

 even if it is something you might not have willingly chosen -

you will be better able to accept the situation without resistance. 

Resistance is what gets us "stuck."

Resistance increases our personal suffering. 

Resistance tends to make us more fearful.

We end up interfering and usually makes everything worse. 

When we are grateful, we are more apt to accept whatever life may bring us.

We are better able to move through obstacles calmly and unafraid.

Everything happens for a reason.

Nothing happens by accident.

We can learn to look for the lesson and the benefit that each situation may bring us.

What is your life, your heart or intuition trying to tell you? 

Close your eyes and be grateful.

This universe is always conspiring to help us achieve our dreams... if we let it. 

 Today you will choose to have the courage to follow wherever gratitude leads you.

Grateful eyes allow you to see blessings where others only see a problem.

Make it a great dia!

Monday, November 22, 2010

La dolcezza di non fare niente.

Yesterday, I went on a long walk with Parker (my dog) to one of our favorite places to visit is by this quiet and remote creek.

We were both so content and happy that if I had a tail, mine would have been wagging as much as his.

We were enjoying what Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat Pray Love calls “La dolcezza di non fare niente.”

If you don't understand Italian - it basically translates to “The sweetness of doing nothing.”

I don't know about you but weekends I really love drinking its honeyed nectar.

Make it a great dia!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Can you hear the silence?

It's another beautiful Sunday. 

Overcast skies and a touch of Autumn in the air. 

A great morning to be one with the universe. 

Each morning I pray, I meditate and I also use this special time to be quiet.

Using an opportunitity to hear Silence. 

Over the years I gave found it to be a remarkable way to bring PEACE and HOPE into my life. 

Have you ever attempted to put silence at the heart of your everyday busy life?

Bringing down the volume a few notches?

What do you think you would you feel if you could achieve it?

Peace, tranquility and quiet are elusive and most of us work hard to try and avoid them.

Silence after all forces one to reflect on everything in and around us.

I think people purposely construct layers of noise to dull the anxieties they're experiencing.

Easy fix?

Maybe you're compounding the problems and situations around you.

Try it.

Silence is a medicinal salve of the soul.

Make it a dia of silence!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Make it a mourningful dia!

It's strange to mourn someone you never actually knew.

Yet this morning I feel an immeasurable sadness that I cannot put into words.

The people dying in the streets of Ciudad Juarez now approach 2800 murdered since Jan. 1st, 2010.

10,035 people have been murdered throughout Mexico, since that very same day.

Each were innocent, their only fault was having been born or for having lived in Mexico.

276 were under the age of 18.

647 were women or Mothers.

They all transcended the "online" and "live" news feeds we read each day.

They are sadly being mourned by many of their loved ones.

When it will all stop?

That's anyones guess.

The Mexican Government has killed or apprehended five of the top drug cartel bosses but the violence continues. 

This morning, I send my condolences to their loved ones, their families and friends..

This morning I am also praying for Mexico and its leadership.

Make it a dia of prayer! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mexican proverb...

There is a Mexican proverb that says, "A good rooster crows in any chicken coop."

Quite often we begin a new endeavor with alot of trepidation and self doubt.

First Congratulations! You’ve been hired!

It doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming. 

With all the excitement that comes from getting a new job, too often we forget to prepare for our new livelihood (I dislike the word job).

To ensure your success it’s important to make a good first impression and set the tone from here on out.

Know the dress standards and if ever in doubt ask what the requirements are.

I've had to send two people home over the many years I've managed folks.

Don't be one of them.

Even if there is no formal dress code, be sure dress professionally the first week and get a feel for what everyone else is wearing.

Never try something more casual before knowing for sure.

I have been a part of many types of companies - where we had to were uniforms, full business and business casual attire and at the other end of the spectrum a much more laid-back jeans and polos one.

Much like the cologne or perfume rule for interviews, the same rules applies about not wearing over powering perfumes, colognes, or after-shaves.

There are some people that have allergies to scented items and will be made very uncomfortable by your wearing them.

Always come prepared with pen in hand.

There will be paperwork to be completed so whatever you do don’t forget your pen.

I always used that as an early indicator of someone who will be less attentive to detail and even careless.

So don't waste their time or yours tracking down someone else’s pen to use. 

Make sure you do not forget your access card into the building, or a punch card for the time clock. 

You want to appear prepared and have everything you need to succeed the minute you step through their doors.

One thing people don't do often enough is ask enough questions.

I expect you to!

Remember as soon as training is underway, even if you’re already an expert in your field you’re likely to have questions about the processes and the  procedures.

Don’t hesitate to ask whatever your questions are. 

If your trainer, manager or colleague is going too fast request politely that they slow down or even repeat whatever specific information you aren't clear on.

There's nothing worse than to ask about a certain procedure now than, say after you’ve worked there for a month. 

Always take notes.

Whether it is in the orientation, during your training or at an important meeting, make sure you're taking thorough notes.

Nothing impresses an employer more than to have a new employee take their work seriously.

As more and more companies loosen their boundaries regarding Internet surfing and I-phone use and texting, remember it’s still bad manners to log on for purposes other than work at a new job.

Maybe in time you may find it is acceptable to surf or text.

Early on make sure to not get off on the wrong foot just because you want to check your e-mail or a new text. 

I would also reccomend that you put your cell phone on vibrate. 

Some companies prefer that you don't receive personal calls, especially of a non-emergency nature while you're working.

So explain to your loved ones, friends and family that you’ll be indisposed and have them leave you a message instead.

You can always call them back during a break or lunch time or when you arrive home.

I always say pace yourself and don’t try to work too fast in your new role. 

Initially I would have someone check your work especially when you’re first starting out just to make sure you’re doing it right.

Once you’ve learned the task you will naturally perform it much faster, so for now don’t try to impress everyone with your speed.

You will make less mistakes if you take your time and do a thorough job.

On the other hand don’t go so slow that you’re not keeping up with others in your area.

If you’re having trouble understanding a process, have someone explain it to you and show you how to do it.

If you’re still having trouble just take your time and catch up when you can.

If you can’t catch up, speak with your trainer and or your manager about an alternate assignment or longer time frame if that’s even an option.

Never refuse to perform a task that is within your job description or a reasonable request.

Although if you’re required to perform duties you are not yet qualified for or don’t understand ask for more specifics.

Any employer - employee relationship is about being paid fairly for the work that the employer needs you to do.

It is important that you stick to the agreement just as much as your employer.

If you demonstrate down the road that you are capable of more responsibility and your manager responds, than you will undoubtedly be rewarded.

When you first start off it is easy to want to please your employer by agreeing to take on more work, just make sure you aren’t taken advantage of.

I love competitive people!

But sometimes you have to check your competitive tendencies at the door.

You got the job so there’s no reason to start clawing your way to the top just yet. 

Some might feel threatened by new workers, so make the transition easy on them and just acclimate and be nice.

You may indeed become their equal in time and need their support for future success.

Stay positive and up beat.

Beginning a new career or livelihood can at times be exhausting and stressful.

Don’t let the chaos get you down.

Try and stay positive and upbeat whenever you’re around your new coworkers and manager.

Like they say "Fake it til you make it!"

Even if you feel drained, make sure you demonstrate an endless amount of energy so that they
see a productive and confident new addition to their team.

I believe in you!

And remember, "A good rooster can crow in any chicken coop!"

Make it a great dia!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A simple pleasure...

I know its only mid November but I am already preparing my reading project for 2011.

I plan on reading a book a month in 2011, I will finally read that book that has been on my shelf for who knows how long.

A few of them I was given as gifts and I had really hoped to have read them by now and never got around to them.

A couple others I have picked up at garage sales and of a few at my favorite bookstore Half Price Books.

Here are the must read list of 12 that I have selected:

( I'll be sure to give you some progrss updates throughout the year.)

Cien aƱos de soledad.

Shattered Sword
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Absalom, Absalom!
Doctor Zhivago
Farewell to Arms

The Greatest Generation
Yo no vengo a decir un discurso

Flag of our Fathers
No hay siolencio que no termine
Asi hablo Zarathustra

All of these, except for a couple have been in my library for over two years. 

I have finished reading about eleven already including Middlemarch, Great Expectations, Don Quixote and War and Peace.

What are you reading?

Reading is one of the most relaxing and peaceful, as well as inexpensive "get aways" one can reward themselves with.

What books will you read next year?

It's never too late to pick one up and begin to enjoy your adventure..

Make it a great reading dia!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If you wish to know...

There is a saying that always gives me food for thought... 

 If you wish to know of your past life, consider your present circumstances;

If you wish to know of your future life, consider your present actions.

Make it a great dia!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finding forward momentum in Life...

Optimistism is contagious. 

Optimists tend to see challenges as temporary and somewhat specific in nature.

We (I tend to think I've always been one) focus on achieving short-term objectives, before taking on the long termed ones.

We tend to see obstacles merely as yield signs rather than say a stop light. 

Instead of resisting a challenge, learn to lean into it - push through.

Ask yourself, "What is the lesson I am supposed to be learning?"

Don't waste time resisting or trying to find a way to explain your obstacle.

It will be temporary so choose your next action.

Successful people I've met hold a bias for pushing forward and are committed to action. 

So find your mojo, be inspired and focus on your challenge ahead...

and before you know it you'll feel like you have unstoppable forward momentum.

Make it a optimistically great dia!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Success in overcoming our obstacles.

Quite often we run into obstacles that stand between what we most desire and ourselves.

Some obstacles may be tough to challenge.

Whether they relate to a lack of time, support or money they are not permanent obstacles.

They may require more of our time and energy... but we must never allow them to become anchors.

They are simply temporary and blocking our paths.

There are many paths one can take to reach a said point.

We all must find a to circumvent and bypass the obstacle.

Why waste time fighting and resisting it, just find a way around it.

We all tend to think that at our lowest point we are all alone...

Then we tend to question our faith...

Even begin to doubt our self worth.

If we are to succeed in overcoming our obstacles we must create a different thought pattern.

We have to re-energize our feelings and know that all setbacks are indeed temporary.

Make it a great dia! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The world in which we live is impermenant.

Sundays are always inspring days for me.

It's either the end of a week or the start of a new one.

It is the day I truly am closer to my higher power.

A day I purposely set aside to reflect, meditate and be spiritual.

This morning as I prayed I thought about eternity and our earthly journeys.

I know that the world we live in now is impermenant.

Just like all of us.

Only when we begin to understand  this can we accept and reach our personal resignations over a sudden passing of a loved one.

For our loved ones, their earthy journey has finally come to an end.

Their journey is finished and they will no longer need their personal body to evolve.

It is as their soul escape their bodies, much like a butterfly flies free from its cocoon.

Sadly we will forever miss each one of them.

Yet we are the ones left behind.

We are the ones that despair at our being in a state of exile from our celestial home.

Though my loved ones death's were of a violent transgression - in death they are forever liberated.

Their lives on their earthly plane is complete.

They are no longer the guardians of this crazed, violent world.

Their stint is over, they return cleansed and purified to the heaven that welcomes them.

Death is not the end - but the beginning of an eternal life.

It is ignorance of this fact that is certain to create fear in the souls of the sicarios who cruelly ended the lives of beloved Roberto and Rodolfo.

To them I say your journies will end one day as violent as the violence that you've sewn.

For each one of the cowardly, demonic, drug addicted vile and crazed murderers I assure you that there will also be a place awaiting you...

A much different place...

Yet for our loved ones, its not the end.

Each day we celebrate their lives and know that they've reached their eternal bliss.

Make it a great dia!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Only then will I stop loving you...

Love is the essence of one's life.

There are all types of LOVE...

Unconditional, spiritul, companionate, conditional, romantic... and there's paternal, maternal and even a puppy love type of LOVE.

But has a loved one ever asked you how long you would love them?

What if they asked you how long you have loved them?

Weird, I know but recently I was asked that very question.

What if you answered it like this....

If one day I should be asked about  LOVE...  and asked how LONG I’ve loved you?

I'd have to answer by saying, "Long before we ever met."

If one day you should ask how MUCH I LOVE you?

I’d have to answer by saying that my LOVE can’t be measured.

Moreover it’s completed me and was all encompassing.

I'd like you to imagine yourself on a beach, with a long stemmed red rose in hand.... 

One perfect and beautiful flower on a slow early dawn walk on a quiet beach.

As you walk you can feel the warm breeze blowing across your face.

Then you begin to gently tear each petal off the stem and release each one high into the air.

Allowing every petal to be blown into the sea...

 and watching them as they wash away with the ocean's flow.

Looking over the shimmering seas you can barely see them on the crest of each wave...

flowing out and then almost returning with the ebb of each wave.

The tiny red petals look almost like brilliant red tiny kisses flowing back to you.

It is at that point that I am loving you...

Yet only when all the rose petals have washed back ashore and you begin to collect them…

Only then when you can completely piece all the red petals... that once made the beautiful rose back together.

Only then on that very day… and at that very moment...

will you know that I have stopped loving you.

Make it a loving great dia!

Friday, November 12, 2010

A lesson to be learned...

We need to find a way each day, to inspire ourselves to be the best we can be.

I believe that we all have an unlimited amount of love, talent, strength and courage.

Gifts that we are all born with.

It is just a matter of calling them forth.  

I do this each morning through a simple exercise...

I wake up and the very first thing I do is give thanks.

I begin each day with a sense of gratitude for the people in my life and the things that mean the most to me.

This affirmation creates a positive forces of energy within me.

A positive force that fuels and gives me positive momentum as I greet the day.

Quite often it is all I need to overcome the daily stresses and challenges. 

I also don't allow myself to be stressed people and their quirks.

I always try and not allow situations to get the best of me.

In the end they all have a unique purpose or lesson that I need to be learning.

Find it and be grateful.

Make it a great dia! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Celebrate Veteran's Day!

Today we celebrate Veteran's Day! 

A lot of Americans have the day off today, banks will be closed and there won't be any mail delivery.

Yes today it's Veteran's Day, and the day we reflect on the sacrifice and service of our men and women in uniform.

It was 92 years ago today that the guns stopped firing and thereby ending World War I.

It happened on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

It was dubbed by many as the war to end all wars.

Sadly, it wasn't.
In Europe, Nov. 11th is still remembered as Armistice Day.

Here in the United States, President Eisenhower, the former allied commander in the Second World War, changed the name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day.

The year was 1954.

Today most of us do not know why exactly we celebrate this holiday today. 

The fact is that we have thousands of men and women at this very moment risking their lives in service to our country.

We hardly hear anything about Iraq anymore unless of course some young military troop has given their life and the local news tells us about it.

Trouble is there are wars going on in both Iraq and  Afghanistan.

We’ve been in Iraq since March 20th, 2003 or close to 8 years now, since we declared war on Iraq.

In Afghanistan we have been the since October 8, 2001 or 9 years.

We've now been fighting in the Middle East longer than World War I and II combined.

Yet there’s little or no live coverage.

We still have 50,000 men and women in Iraq - left behind as advisers.

There are over 100,000 fighting in Afghanistan today, and very little actually gets reported back to us.

Our armed forces have always fought to free oppressed people around the world.

Achieving these goals and bringing them the freedom they deserve will be a long and difficult struggle.

So even though we may not see more media coverage on our military in Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else in the world.

We must not forget that they are serving their country there today.

That Veterans Day is more than a day off of work or a chance to buy a new car at some Veteran's Day sale.

Each Memorial Day, we are asked to remember the fallen.

Today, I ask you to  remember the living.

Veterans Day is a special holiday that allows us each year as Americans to atone for all those other days that we fail to thank our Armed Forces and Veterans that have proudly served..

Today we can  thank these men and women for giving us the opportunity to continue to sleep under the very blanket of freedom they provide.

Today, I ask you to take a moment to thank that veteran who might work in the next cubicle, or your neighbor or a family member.

If they're not close bye, then please send them an e-mail or pick up the phone and call that friend who's son or daughter might have just gotten back from Iraq.

Take a few minutes to thank them for doing the job some of us couldn’t do or for some reason we didn’t want to do.

I want you to take it a step further - stop by a VA Hospital and spend some time with that ailing young or elderly veteran.

Americans have always shown their support for their troops.

Today let's thank them all!

Not just these brave volunteers that risked their lives, but all veterans who were willing to step forward to serve our nation in whatever capacity they could.

Be grateful that we have these courageous men and women.

Give thanks and enjoy Veterans Day! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Keep aiming high!

Have you ever heard the saying that says, how well we do in life depends on how well we've planned?

From my own experience I have become an ardent believer.

Most of us do a much better job of performing what we do at our jobs, then the time we spend actually planning ahead.

You know what I mean - we've all planned out great vacations and perfect weekend trips, right?

Problem is that we get in a habit of planning for the short term.

Long term planning is much harder - and when plans fail we tend to give up on them.

If they fail, and they will at times... what we should change is the plan and never give up on reaching the goal itself.

Being an ex-military man one of my favorite soldiers was Gen. Patton, in fact I met his son and have an autographed copy of his biography but I digress. 

General Patton wrote in one of his books, I can't remember which one, "In War, one does not plan and try to make the circumstances fit those plans. One tries to make plans fit the circumstances"

Each time we fail we must come up with an even better, bolder and better plan.

Don't ever be afraid of thinking, hoping or planning BIG! 

We have this one shot in life - this is it folk... so don't be afraid of testing yourself, your mettle and tempting your fate.

Michelangelo wrote, "The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it."

Always aim high!

Make it a great dia!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today I am going to show "Love" to everyone I meet and in anything I do.

Sounds like a challenging undertaking?

However; if I want to be in a positive frame of mind and spirit there are a few things I can do.

There are  four things I can do... all which I have 100% control over:

Today I will not complain..

Today I will not judge...

Today I will not resent...

Today I will not be negative.

I strongly believe that how you start your day has a lot to do with how your day does.

Make it a great dia!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tiny tears are beckoning our conscience.

And so my pulse quickens... whispers ring loud in my ear... " Release all that you are made of!"

Will you?

It's time to beckon others to battle.

Call on good people to help create a new start.

The necessary new begining of the children of the massacred.

Let us illuminate their paths, now darkened.

That they can one day forgive the very evil that tried to decimate their existance.

Calling on good people to find that commonality; the one heartbeat they share,

with the 10,000 children left behind in Ciudad Juarez.

Tender lives teathered to heartache and forever scared by the final gaze of their dying parent. 

They are now broken, innocent children living a desperate nightmare.

All hope lost with no one there - nothing left of what might have been.

But through you flows a lifeline... through you we can lift up those children.

We can be a part of their lives - bringing them HOPE.

We will redeem humanity in those tiny gentle eyes.

We can begin to illuminate their world.

The estimated 10,000 ophaned children of Cd. Juarez are in jeopardy of becoming part of the cycle of violence that took their parents lives.

They are and will need psychological and psychiatric help.

Share with me your talents and your gifts, so that we can create a foundation that will save these children in Cd. Juarez, Mexico.

Together we will create a social assistance network, one capable of guiding them to fulfill long term educational opportunities.

These orphaned children in Mexico have had their lives decimated by the drug cartel violence.

Their lives are in peril and they need you.

Will you help me - help them?

And so your pulse quickens... whispers ring loud in your ear... "Release all that you are made of!"

(Please send me an e-mail and or leave a comment).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today I am working to forgive.

In life there is no getting past heartache unless we forgive.

In life one is considered extremely fortunate if they have not experienced some sort of break up, a divorce or  some type of failure or a loss.

Yet when one refuses to forgive, we end up staying imprisoned by that experience.

If we can't let go of the past, we will forever be chained to that anger and resentment.

One must work to find forgiveness.

Forgiving, not just those that may have wronged us, but forgiving ourselves for not having the conviction and courage to untether ourselves from the source.

Who am I kidding, forgiving is the most difficult things one will ever do..

It requires honest and courage..

And a lot of open and honest dialogue at your core.

Dialogue that leads to negotiation for an unconditional pardon.

An unconditional pardon that won't keep score or have memory.

This is not an easy road to travel for sure. 

But  to face it, accept it and embrace it is well worth the effort.

If we refuse to forgive, then we are destined to relive the pain.

And time and again and little by little, it will eventually kill our spirit.

Today I am working to forgive.